handshake: The technical term for when two or more pieces of electronic equipment, such as a cell phone and a Bluetooth adapter, first recognize each other.

Hardware Troubleshooter: A Windows 7 Help and Support Center tool that runs you through the most common causes of hardware errors in a question and answer format.

Hardware Update Wizard: A Windows tool that can search for and add hardware to the system.

hexadecimal: A numbering system based on 16 digits that is often used for graphics.

hibernate: A computer function by which it saves all the computer’s memory (everything the system is doing), then turns the computer off.

hive: A type of Windows Registry entry that contains a number of other Registry entries.

home page: The first page you see when you open Internet Explorer. You should set your home page to one of your favorite Web sites.

Homegroup: Windows 7 computers use Homegroups to simplify networking.

hot key: A keyboard shortcut that opens an application or performs a specific task.

hub: A common connection point for devices in a network.