Windows 7 Glossary: C

cache : Also known as the temporary Internet files, the cache contains all Web pages and their components that are downloaded when you subscribe to Web sites or channels.

Chrome: An Internet browser developed by Google.

ClearType: A special anti-aliasing tool developed by Microsoft to improve the appearance of fonts in high-resolution LCD flat-screen monitors.

codec; coder-decoder; compressor-decompressor: A small program that converts data from one form to another so that the data can be played on a media player.

command prompt: A traditional DOS-like text interface that allows you to input instructions to the computer.

compatibility mode: A program option that allows you to trick an older program into thinking it is running in a previous version of Windows.

compressed file: A folder containing multiple files that have been packed in such a way that all excess space is eliminated.

contiguous files: In Windows Explorer, these files are shown one right after another.

cookies: Tiny files that are used by Web sites to track your online activity and recognize you whenever you access the site.

crop: To choose a portion of an existing photo and make that portion into the entire photo, omitting the rest of the photo.

crossover cable: A cable that allows two computers to connect to each other as a network without having to set up an actual Windows network.

cursor: The blinking icon on the computer screen that shows you where the characters you type appear; also called an insertion pointer.

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