What's New in Photoshop Elements 12

Photoshop Elements is in its 12th version. With each new software upgrade, users expect to be wowed with new wonderful features, and Elements 12 doesn’t disappoint. This version offers some new tools and methods for editing and sharing photos. Okay, so maybe it’s not overwhelming, but the new additions make it well worthwhile to upgrade to this latest version.

If you’re new to Photoshop Elements, you’ll find a vast array of editing and sharing tools to help you improve photos and create stunning images. If you’re a previous user, you’ll be interested in the features added to the program you love. In a nutshell, some of the additions to Elements 12 include

  • Adobe Revel Integration: Photoshop.com has given way to Adobe Revel. Within the Organizer, you can easily import and export photos to and from Adobe Revel with a single mouse click. Adobe is turning the Organizer into a first-class Revel client. For a limited free service, you can upload a maximum of 50 photos monthly by using Adobe Revel.

  • Subscription services: The software world is changing at Adobe. The Creative Suite (CS) applications make the software available for purchase or through a subscription where users pay a monthly rental fee. Likewise, with Elements 12, you can purchase the software or use the subscription service.

  • Frames/Textures/Effects in Quick Edit mode: In Elements 11, you had to enter Expert mode from Quick Edit to apply these effects. In Elements 12, you can stay in Quick Edit mode to make your brightness and color corrections and then apply these effects without having to enter Expert mode.

  • Move tool in Quick Edit mode: The Move tool wasn’t present in Quick Edit mode (which may have been an oversight by Adobe). In Elements 12, you can use this useful tool without leaving Quick Edit mode.

  • New Guided Edits: Three new Guided Edits have been added. Restore Old Picture is a step-by-step process to help you restore old photos. The Puzzle Guided Edit helps you easily transform your photo into a puzzle. And if you don’t want to spend hours of fun playing with your images, stay away from the Zoom Burst Effect, which is guaranteed to get you hooked on applying a zoom burst on many of your images, such as the one shown in this photo. The Zoom Burst Effect is easy and completely addictive.

  • Content-Aware Move tool: This tool helps you remove distracting elements from a foreground. Suppose a trashcan is standing in front of Uncle Albert; simply use the Content-Aware Move tool to move the object to a new location in your photo. Presto! Elements fills in the foreground so it appears as though nothing ever existed in front of your foreground subjects.

  • Auto Correction with Learning: This feature is truly a wow effect. When you use the Auto Correct features in Elements to adjust brightness, contrast, and color correction, Elements “learns” how you fine-tune your images and then applies the same settings to all subsequent similar edits.

  • Places and Events tags in the Organizer: In Elements 11, the People, Places, and Events views completely removed attributes assigned to tags. This oversight is now fixed in Elements 12.

  • Alphabetic sorting in the Organizer: Perhaps another oversight by Adobe was the inability to sort image views alphabetically in Media Browser. That’s fixed in Elements 12, so now you can sort filenames alphabetically.

  • Content-Aware Fill and Straighten tool: In Elements 11, Content-Aware Fill was located in the Panorama Stitcher. In Elements 12, when you straighten a photo, Content-Aware Fill is applied to missing pixels around the edges of the straightened image.

  • Pet Eye correction: If your beloved pets are showing up with green or yellow eyes when you’re using a flash, worry no more. Elements 12 can easily correct bad flash on pet’s eyes much like the Red Eye correction does for bad flash for people’s eyes.

  • Sharing to Twitter: Twitter has supported photo links for some time, but in Elements 12, you can share photos to your Twitter account without leaving the Organizer.

  • 64 Bits for Mac users: Here’s a feature that first comes to the Mac. You can now take advantage of extra RAM on the Mac. Unfortunately for Windows 64-bit users, you won’t see support until the next release of Elements. With the move to 64-bit support, some features are being eliminated. Apparently, some tools and commands are not supported well in 64-bit mode. The items you find missing in Elements 12 include

    • Magic Extractor tool: The Image→Magic Extractor Command and the Magic Extractor dialog box have been eliminated.

    • Photoshop Showcase (and the online albums that go with it): Photoshop Showcase is giving way to Adobe Revel.

    • Smart Albums: You won’t find Smart Albums in Elements 12. Adobe believes that saved searches perform a similar function as creating Smart Albums, eliminating this feature in Elements 12.

    • Color Variations

    • Frame from Video

    • Interactive layout mode in Photomerge Panorama

    • Texture fill

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