At some point, you'll need to provide some first-aid for your Boxer dog. When that time comes, the reassurance of having the supplies at hand that you need to treat your pet saves you time and lessens stress for both you and your pooch. Stock your Boxer's first-aid kit with the supplies in the following list:

Activated charcoal tablets Eyewash Rubber gloves
Adhesive tape (1- and 2-inch width) Emergency phone numbers (taped on the cover of the first-aid kit) Rubbing alcohol
Antibacterial ointment (for skin and eyes) Hydrogen peroxide (3 percent solution) Scissors (preferably with rounded tips)
Antihistamine (approved by your vet for allergic reactions) Ipecac syrup (to induce vomiting) Tourniquet kit
Bandages and dressing pads (gauze rolls, both 1- and 2-inch width) Nylon stocking (to use as muzzle) Dosing syringe (without needle, for administering oral medications)
Blanket (for moving injured dog or warming) Petroleum jelly Towel
Cotton balls Pliers or tweezers (for removal of stings, barbs, and quills) White sock (to slip over an injured paw)
Diarrhea medicine Rectal thermometer