What to Include in a Cleaning and Repair Kit for Bass Guitar

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Before you attempt any adjustments or cleaning for a bass guitar, you need to assemble the right tools. Knowing what to include in a bass guitar cleaning and repair kit will ensure that you are prepared for any necessity. Pack the following tools in a tool bag that you keep with your bass.

The basic contents of a bass tool bag.
The basic contents of a bass tool bag.
  • Truss-rod wrench (this is usually the Allen wrench that comes with your bass)

  • Screwdriver or Allen wrench for every screw on the bass

    A multi-screwdriver tool is okay, but you can get more leverage with separate screwdrivers. Make sure that you have a screwdriver or Allen wrench that fits the screws for the saddle.

  • Rubbing alcohol (make sure it’s in a bottle that won’t leak)

  • Cotton rags for cleaning (make sure to replace them once in a while)

  • Super-fine steel wool

  • Colorless nail polish (or a color that matches your bass)

  • Electronic tuner (this needs to be part of your tool set if you adjust the intonation yourself)

  • Wire cutters for changing your strings

  • Jewelry polish cloth for polishing the frets

Be sure to keep your bass tools separate from your household tools so that they won’t get lost or damaged.

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The Essentials of Maintaining a Bass Guitar


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