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Seizures in dogs can be caused by many things, from trauma to tumors to poisoning. In some dogs, seizures occur periodically for unknown reasons in a condition called idiopathic epilepsy. Here’s what to do when a seizure occurs.

  • Sit with your dog during the seizure, talking soothingly to him.

  • Restrain him only if necessary to prevent him from hurting himself. During the seizure, he will have uncontrollable movements and may defecate or urinate.

  • Keep your dog quiet for 30 minutes after the seizure.

Take your dog to a veterinary neurologist for evaluation after the first seizure. And, if a seizure lasts longer than five minutes or recurs within two hours, take your dog immediately to a veterinarian or emergency clinic.

Do not attempt to pull the dog’s tongue out or in any way get near the mouth because you may be bitten.

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