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What Attachments to Add to Your Grant Request

9 of 9 in Series: The Essentials of Constructing Your Grant Application

When you submit an application for funding through a grant, include any information about your organization, in the form of attachments, that isn't covered in the main the application. Here are some of the things you’ll likely attach to your grant:

  • Budget summary/cost summary: Fill in the blanks on a standard worksheet that lists line items and expense amounts, as required by the grant guidelines or directions.

  • Budget detail/budget narrative/cost justification: Write a detailed narrative on each proposed expense.

  • Up-to-date financial statement: Attach a copy of your most recent financial statement. Whether audited or unaudited, the financial statement should explain any findings of concern.

  • Proof of tax-exempt status (if applicable): Include a copy of your organization’s 501 (c)(3) letter of nonprofit determination from the Internal Revenue Service, with the date on which a certifying agency recognized the status.

  • Board of directors with affiliations: List the names, and community and board positions, of the organization’s governing body (board of directors, city council members, village trustees, and so on). This document also should mention the lengths of their board terms and amounts of time remaining to be served.

  • Letters of commitment: Ask for letters of commitment from affiliates early in the writing process and include at least three such letters with all grant applications you send out.

  • Annual report: Include an annual report (in the form of a brochure, booklet, or newsletter).

  • Recent print reviews: Attach letter-size photocopies of project-related newspaper articles about your organization. Make sure the publication date and name of the newspaper or magazine appear with the article.

  • Other documentation: Submit one-page summaries or complete résumés of key program personnel — whichever the funding source prefers. Also, if your organization has Memorandums of Agreement or Memorandums of Understanding signed by partner or collaborating agencies, attach these documents last.

Keep in mind that each funder has its own instructions on how to order these attachments, so there’s no standard order of information. And if the funding source’s guidelines indicate that no attachments will be accepted or that any material besides the grant application will be cause for nonreview, omit any of the standard attachments covered in this list.

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