Typically, the Category Options pane in Joomla is where you select the behaviors of categories or subcategories including what category information to show and what category information to hide. Here are typical options in the Joomla Category Options pane:

  • Category Title: This option allows you to show or hide a category title within the blog layout in menus.

  • Category Description: This option allows you to show or hide the category’s description.

  • Category Image: This option allows you to show or hide an image related to the category.

  • Subcategory Levels: This option determines how many levels of subcategories appear in the menu item you’re working with.

  • Empty Categories: If no pages or menus are related to a category, this option allows you to specify whether the categories with no articles attached to them will be visible to your site’s visitors.

  • No Articles Message: If set to Show, this option will provide a message to front-end viewers stating that a given category has no articles associated with it (provided the Empty Categories option is set to Show).

  • Subcategories Descriptions: This option drop-down menu can be set to either show or hide a subcategory’s description from front-end visitors.

  • # Articles in Category: If set to Show, this option tells front-end viewers how many articles are in a given category.

  • Page Subheading: This field allows you to enter text to use as an additional category page subheading.