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Web Marketing Newsletter Distribution

Options for creating your newsletter are much like those for creating a website. Your choice depends on ease of use, cost, the size of your mailing list, and the skills of your support staff. Here’s a rundown of your distribution options:    

  • Ask your web developer to develop a custom solution. Your developer can design an HTML template that lets you change content for every issue. He or she can also set up your website to collect subscribers’ e-mail addresses and arrange with the hosting company to provide list management services. Be sure to include these tasks in your request for proposal (RFP) if you want to use this alternative.

  • Use a one-stop solution that offers templates, list management, and distribution. Constant Contact, whose template site is shown the following illustration, offers this type of solution. For small companies, this approach is generally the easiest and least expensive.

    These third-party solutions generally require that your developer place a small chunk of code on your site that links to your sign-up page. After that, you handle most tasks from third-party servers.

  • Purchase HTML newsletter template software and arrange for list management services on your own. This solution generally works for larger companies that need more-sophisticated options and have the technical support staff to implement them. You can find a list comparing providers at Taming the Beast.

    Constant Contact offers one-stop, template-based newsletters, list management, and distribution. [C
    Credit: Courtesy of Constant Contact, Inc.
    Constant Contact offers one-stop, template-based newsletters, list management, and distribution.

The success of your newsletter is 40 percent due to finding the right audience, 40 percent due to making the right offer, and 20 percent due to creating the right design (the newsletter content and appearance).

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