To help you keep track of your computer’s commands, Vista hides its menus inside the menu bar. In fact, Vista even hides every folder’s menu bar. To bring them back, press Alt, and they drop into place. To keep the menu bars permanently affixed there:


Click the Organize button, and then choose Folder and Search Options from the menu.

The Folder Options dialog box appears, opened to the General tab.


In the Tasks section, select Use Windows Classic Folders.

The folders revert to an older style of display that shows the menu bar.


Click OK.

And you’re done!

The menu bar sports a different menu for each word. To reveal the secret options, click any word — Edit, for example. A menu tumbles down, presenting options related to editing a file.

In some cases, a window isn’t capable of offering all its menu items. Any unavailable options are grayed out.

If you accidentally click the wrong word in a menu bar, causing the wrong menu to jump down, simply click the word you really wanted. Windows retracts the mistaken menu and displays your newly chosen one.

To back out of Menu Land completely, click the mouse pointer back down on your work in the window’s workspace — the area where you’re supposed to be working.