Working with icons, or shapes as Visio likes to call them, to enhance your diagrams will go a lot quicker if you use these handy Visio 2007 shortcuts. This guide shows you the keyboard combination and job it does:

Ctrl+A Select all shapes
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+D Duplicate selected shape
Ctrl+G Group selected shapes
Ctrl+H Flip selected shape horizontally
Ctrl+J Flip selected shape vertically
Ctrl+L Rotate shape left
Ctrl+R Rotate shape right
Ctrl+Shift+F Bring selected shape to the front
Ctrl+Shift+B Send selected shape to the back
Ctrl+Shift+U Ungroup shapes
Ctrl+V Paste
Ctrl+X Cut
F2 Toggle between a shape’s text box and a shape selection
F4 Repeat the last formatting command on a new shape
F7 Check the spelling of the current drawing