View and Share Photos and Video with Your iPhone 5

The iPhone 5's Camera Roll is the place to visit if you want to review and share what you've taken. You can get to the Camera Roll from the Camera screen: Tap the thumbnail at the lower left. Anytime you’re doing the following actions, you can take more photos or video clips: Tap the blue Camera button at the bottom of the screen to go back to the Camera screen.

Follow these steps to browse and share your photos and videos:


From the Camera screen, tap the thumbnail icon at the lower left.

Your iPhone displays the Camera Roll one image or video clip at a time. The total number of items appears at the top of the screen, as well as the number of the current item (for example, 67 of 68). If the item is a video, tap the Play button in the center of the screen to play it.


Swipe from right to left to see the next item.

To move to the previous item in the Camera Roll, swipe from left to right across the screen. To share, continue to Step 3.


If you want to delete a video or photo, tap the Trashcan icon.

If the Camera Roll buttons disappear from the screen, don't panic! Your iPhone is simply hiding them to display your photo or video clip full-screen. To display the controls again, tap anywhere on the screen.


Tap the Share button at the bottom of the screen.

The options shown here appear. In addition to the following choices, you can print a photo, copy it to the iPhone clipboard, use it as your iPhone wallpaper, or assign it as a Contact’s photo.


Tap the destination.

Facebook: May ask for comments or other information.

Twitter: May ask for comments or other information.

Mail: The app opens and attaches the photo or clip to a message.

Message: The app opens and attaches the photo or clip to a message.

Photo Stream: Shares the item among your computers and iOS devices using iCloud.

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