Tilting the camera from left to right is an extremely important factor in food photography. A tilt with the food subject skewed slightly toward the viewer invites him in to the image. A tilt away is also intriguing, drawing the viewer in and inviting the eye to follow the food subject.


Luscious red velvet cupcakes tilt away from the camera.

When shooting, notice that as you tilt you camera to the left, the image of your food subject tilts to the right. A tilt shifts the horizon line, so stay aware of how the tilt affects your overall image.


A tilt toward the camera presents the food to the viewer.

Because you see the food tilted toward you in this photo, the food in the image looks like it’s being presented to you. This is kind of a glamour shot for food.


Use zero tilt for a straight-on look.

Sometimes a straight horizontal shot with zero tilt is fine, as you can see in this image. Having no tilt is perfectly appropriate in some cases, and you may find that some clients prefer this look.


A tilt sequence going from a tilt left (a) to a nearly zero tilt (b) to a tilt right (c).

For each food subject you shoot, make a conscious effort to try as many tilts as possible. Shoot a few frames with a flat horizon line to start because sometimes that’s the right look for the shot.