Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) is the most familiar web browser, because it comes preloaded on most Windows PCs. The following list outlines Internet Explorer's main features:

  • Internet Explorer comes with Windows. Download and install new versions from Beware of Internet Explorer’s many security holes, for which Microsoft issues frequent updates to patch. Check for updates at The current and recommended version as we write this page is IE 9.

  • Add the current page to your favorites: Click the Add to Favorites Bar icon or press Ctrl+D.

  • Edit your favorites: Click the Favorites icon or press Alt+C.

  • Set your browsing preferences: Choose Tools→Internet Options.

  • Set the current page to be your start page: Choose Tools→Internet Options→General, and select Use Current in the Home Page section.

  • Erase the history of which web sites you've viewed: Choose Tools→Safety→Delete Browsing History (or press Ctrl+Shift+Del).

  • Control cookies on your computer: Choose Tools→Internet Options→Privacy, click Advanced, select Override Automatic Cookie Handling, and then set First-party Cookies to Accept and Third-party Cookies to Block.

  • Block pop-up windows: Choose Tools→Pop-Up Blocker.