The Firefox web browser makes surfing the Internet a breeze. Firefox was the first web browser to implement tabbed browsing. The following list outlines Firefox's main features:

  • Download Firefox for free from or After that, it can update itself automagically. (Choose Firefox→Options→Advanced→Update.)

  • Add the current page to your bookmarks: Press Ctrl+D.

  • Edit your bookmarks: Press Ctrl+Shift+B.

  • Set your browsing preferences: Choose Firefox→Options.

  • Set the current page (or pages) to be your start page: Choose Firefox→Options→General, and select Use Current Pages in the Startup section. If you have multiple tabs open, Firefox remembers them all.

  • Erase cookies or the history of which websites you've viewed: Choose Firefox→Options→Privacy and click Clear Your Recent History (or press Ctrl+Shift+Del).

  • Block pop-up windows: Choose Firefox→Options→Content and make sure that Block Pop-up Windows is selected. Click Exceptions (to its right) to specify sites that can or can’t open pop-ups.