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Using Basic Image-Editing Software on Your Digital Photos

You can use image-editing software to alter your digital photos in just about any way you see fit. You can use this software to edit appearance problems, edit out excess background, apply special effects, and explore countless other artistic notions. This figure shows an image editor applying a photo to a calendar template.

You can use a template to create a calendar featuring your digital photos.
You can use a template to create a calendar featuring your digital photos.

Several companies offer programs geared to the photo-editing novice. These programs provide

  • A basic set of image-correction tools

  • Plenty of wizards (step-by-step on-screen guides) to walk you through different editing tasks

  • Project templates that simplify the process of adding your photo to a business card, calendar, e-mail postcard, or greeting card

Within this basic-image-editing category, you can find a wide range of editing and effects tools provided, so read product reviews to make sure that the program you get lets you do the photographic projects you have in mind.

Here are a couple popular basic image-editing choices (both $50 or less):

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