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Telephoto lenses can create interesting and unique photos on your digital camera. To make the most of a telephoto lens, try these tempting applications when you take pictures with a telephoto lens or tele-zoom attached to your camera:


Compress distances.

Telephoto lenses compress the apparent distance between objects, making that row of fencepost appear as if each post is only a foot or two distant from the next.


Isolate your subject.

The reduced depth of field of telephoto lenses let you apply selective focus when you want to isolate your subjects from the foreground or background.


Get in on the action.

A telephoto lens brings you into the middle of the huddle, right in the center of the action around the goal, and a lot closer than you ever wanted to get to the periphery of a scrum.


Keep nature at a distance.

A telephoto can take you closer to your subject, including animals of all shapes and sizes, while letting you stay far enough away that you don’t become lunch for a hungry alligator.


Take extreme close-ups.

You might not need a macro lens to shoot macro (close-up) photos. A telephoto lens with enough reach that focuses reasonably close may be all you need.

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