A macro lens takes a close-up of a small object, which fills the frame of the photo. Your digital camera can use a macro lens (either with a camera mode or with an attachment lens) to take a macro photo:


Watch proportions.

For any particular magnification, the closer you get, the more emphasis is placed on objects very close to the lens.


Don’t forget focus and depth-of-field considerations.

When shooting up close, only a small portion of your image might be in focus. Make sure to focus the most important part of your subject! Depth of field extends from one-third in front of the plane of sharpest focus and two-thirds behind it.


Crop extra material from the image and center your subject in the frame.

With close-up images, you usually want to feature your main point of interest right in the center of the frame.


Aim your camera and frame your subject.

You often have to use the camera’s LCD screen to examine your composition because the built-in optical viewfinder doesn’t show the image 100-percent accurately.


Press the shutter button.

Be careful not to press the shutter release button too hard, jarring the camera during exposure and producing a blurry picture.