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Use Zoom Tools to Set Your Window on Graphs Page

On the TI-Nspire, it is sometimes easier to automatically set your window on a Graphs page. There are eight different automatic zoom tools. To access the zoom tools, press [MENU]→Window/Zoom and choose your tool:

  • Zoom User: Try this one first. It saves your current window settings so that you can recall the settings after using the other zoom tools.

  • Zoom Standard: This is the default setting.

  • Zoom Quadrant I: Automatically sets your maximums and minimums to emphasize the first quadrant.

  • Zoom Trig: This setting is great for trigonometric graphs. It automatically sets the x-min and x-max to integer multiples of

  • Zoom Data: Recalculates the window so that all your data points are visible on the graph.

  • Zoom Fit: Assures that the window includes all the minimum and maximum y-values as well as the x-min and x-max. In the area function, the maximum is clearly visible, but the window includes much more than just the first quadrant (see the second screen).

  • Zoom Square: Resizes the window so that your x- and y-axis scales are equal, which, on TI-Nspire, is a 3:2 ratio of the x-axis to the y-axis.

  • Zoom Decimal: Recenters the origin and sets the minimums and maximums to a scale of 0.1. In this window, the Graph Trace tool automatically steps in tenths.

If you are not sure which Zoom tool you would like to use, there is a way to toggle from one Zoom tool to another. Hover your cursor over the axis, right-click ([CTRL][MENU]), and choose Attributes. Use your Touchpad arrow keys to adjust the second setting, and when you find a Zoom setting that you like, press [ENTER] to make the change.


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