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Yoga and Pilates Exercises to Boost Your Metabolism
Full-Body Metabolism-Boosting Exercises
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Upper Body and Core Metabolism-Boosting Exercises

Spinning planks

Building on what you learned with the previous description of planks, you can try this more advanced full-body exercise that uses your own body weight for resistance.

Starting position: Start in a plank position. Shift your weight to the right side and rotate your left arm up to the ceiling while balancing on your right foot. For a more advanced pose, lift your left leg slightly. Hold for 5–10 seconds (one-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, and so on).

Flip: Continue to rotate your left arm back to the floor so that your stomach is facing the ceiling. Push your hips up and tighten your core so that your hips don’t sag. This is a reverse plank.

Reverse: Now, keep your left arm on the ground and begin to rotate your right arm up so you’re in a side plank on the opposite side. Hold for the same amount of time you did on the right side. Return to standard plank position. Lower your knees if you need to rest. Otherwise complete 5 full rotations.

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