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Unbox Your Microsoft Surface Computer

The Surface comes artfully packed in a black box. Look closely at the top-right corner, and you can see a white box protruding from inside. It’s either an artful display of design creativeness or a waste of paper, depending on your mood.


To unpack your Surface from its packaging, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the small strip of clear plastic tape holding the white box to the black sleeve.

  2. Slide the white box out of the black sleeve.

  3. Remove the touch keyboard and its black cardboard packaging from beneath the box.

    If you bought a Surface without a keyboard, you won’t find the keyboard. (Unless the salesperson handed you the wrong box by mistake, in which case you’re stuck with an ethical dilemma.)

  4. Push the keyboard up and out of the thin cardboard packaging.

    Push the keyboard up from below and it rises out of the box.

  5. Remove the keyboard’s instructions from the secret hiding place inside the thin cardboard packaging.

    The keyboard’s instruction manual is one sheet of paper with pictures of how the keyboard attaches to the Surface. Spoiler: Magnets in both the Surface and the keyboard make them click together whenever they’re an inch apart.

  6. Remove the small strip of plastic tape holding the white box shut, and then open the lid. (The lid opens, with the hinge along the right edge.)

    As the lid opens, you see the Surface resting peacefully inside, complete with its power adapter.

  7. Remove the Surface from the box and remove its plastic wrapper.

  8. Remove the manual from the box beneath the Surface and remove the charger.

And that’s it. The Surface’s battery comes partially charged, but before turning it on, you should probably plug it into the charger.

  • The Surface’s manual, like the manual for its keyboards, are simply illustrations with IKEA-inspired instructions: single sheets of paper with illustrations and arrows.

  • Your Surface’s serial number is listed on the box (it’s written above the middle bar of the three bar codes).

  • Your Surface’s serial number and memory size also appears hidden underneath the Surface’s kickstand.

  • The serial number for the keyboard appears on the right edge of its spine.

  • If your Surface needs to be returned for service, you need to enter the serial number on Microsoft’s online support site.

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