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Twitter is a social networking tool that allows individuals (bloggers or not) to broadcast short messages to fellow Twitterers or to the general public. Twitter is all about keeping people updated.

The updates are tracked and can be subscribed to through the Twitter Web site or followed using RSS and your newsreader. Messages can be informative or entertaining, and content can include Web links, dates, times, suggestions — just about anything that can fit into 140 characters (or less) of text.

Each time you post a message on the Twitter Web site, several things happen:

  • It’s displayed on the Twitter Web site.

  • It’s delivered to anyone following your Twitters via SMS messages to a mobile phone or to an e-mail address.

  • It’s displayed in any Twitter badge that you’ve created and placed on your blog.

You can update your messages using e-mail, many instant messenger programs, or your phone.

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