Twitter Guidelines to Live By

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The Twitterverse doesn’t have many rules, but there is such a thing as Twitter etiquette. Writing tweets of 140 characters or less isn’t the only guideline. Your experience on Twitter will be a positive one if you keep the following tips in mind:

  • Say what you think and are doing.

  • In general, try to keep tweets longer than one word so that your followers can understand you.

  • Listen to what your Twitter friends are saying.

  • Respond to Twitter friends when you can add value to the conversation.

  • Update your status at least once a day.

  • Fill in your profile and biography so that other people can know more about you.

  • Use your own picture as your avatar. If the picture that you use contains more than one person, make sure that people can tell which one is you.

  • Whenever you’re referencing another Twitter user, use his name with an @ sign in the front so that the user can see you mentioned him and so that other users can see whom you’re talking about.

  • Use hashtags to give context to updates that may not make sense otherwise.

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