If you want your chicken to hold its shape perfectly while roasting, you can truss it. You can do without trussing if you’re in a hurry, but a trussed roast chicken makes for a better look and easier carving.


Lift the skin and cut out the wishbone from the neck cavity.

This step makes the breast meat easier to carve later.


Tuck the wings under the body.

You secure the wings with a string in a later step.


Wrap a string around the drumsticks.

You want to cross the string to pull the drumsticks together.


Pull the string toward the back of the chicken.

Be sure to catch the tucked wings underneath the string.


Flip the chicken over and hook the string under the backbone.

You use the backbone to secure the string.


Tie the string into a secure knot.

Flip the chicken over, and . . . voilà!