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Troubleshooting Commands for the CCENT Certification Exam

Part of the CCENT Certification All-In-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

When problems arise on Cisco devices, there are a number of show commands you can use to help identify what the problem is. The following table lists popular show commands:

Command(s) Result
show running-config Displays the running configuration stored in VRAM.
show startup-config Displays the startup configuration stored in NVRAM.
show ip interface brief Shows a summary of the interfaces and their status.
show interfaces Displays detailed information about each interface.
show interface serial 0/0 Displays detailed information about a specific interface.
show ip route Displays the routing table.
show hosts Displays the host name table.
show controller serial0/1 Displays whether the serial interface is a DCE or DTE device.
show ip protocols Displays what routing protocols are loaded.
show cdp neighbors Displays basic information about neighboring devices such as name, type of device, and model.
show cdp neighbors detail Displays detailed information about neighboring devices such as name, type of device, model, and IP address.
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