Tricky Portuguese Pronunciations

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Some common words in Portuguese are tricky to pronounce for non-native speakers. This list contains a few of them and their correct pronunciations so you can say them like a native.

  • amigo (ah-mee-goo) (friend)

  • Brasil (brah-zee-ooh) (Brazil)

  • Carnaval (kah-nah-vah-ooh) (Carnival)

  • festa (feh-stah) (party)

  • João (zhoo-ah-ooh) (a man's name)

  • música (moo-zee-kah) (music)

  • praia (prah-ee-ah) (beach)

  • Rio de Janeiro (hee-ooh dee zhah-nay-roo) (the Brazilian city of Rio)

  • Roberta (hoh-beh-tah) (a woman's name)

  • samba (sahm-bah) (a type of Brazilian dance)

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