In an InDesign Creative Suite 5 publication, shapes (circles, rectangles, lines, and so on), can be any size, large or small. Transform (change the size) of an InDesign shape by using the Transform panel. Sometimes you need to resize a shape after creating it, in order to accommodate other elements on the page.

Although you can use the Transform panel to rotate, flip, and position a shape on a page, you can also use it to scale or resize a shape quickly and precisely.


With the Selection tool, select the shape you want to resize.

When the shape is selected, a bounding box appears around it. On the bounding box are handles, white boxes that help define a shape's width and height.


Choose Window→Object and Layout→Transform.

The Transform panel appears. The Transform panel displays information about the shape's position, size, rotation and shearing. Here, you are only concerned with the shape's size.


Enter different number values in the W and H fields to change the size of the shape.

The shape automatically changes size on the page to the new size dimensions you specify in the Transform panel.