When creating your own gluten-free pizza, your only limit is your imagination — and the ingredients you have handy. You can even make some crazy dessert pizzas. How about a s’more pizza with chocolate sauce, marshmallows, and chocolate chips, sprinkled with gluten-free graham cracker crumbs?

To make your own pizza dreams come alive, grab some gluten-free pizza crust mix, dough, or ready-made crust and start topping. Make Chicken Pesto Pizza with pesto as sauce, a bit of cooked chicken, and some shredded part-skim mozzarella cheese on top. Or go Hawaiian with tomato sauce, ham, and crushed pineapple under your cheese topping.

Here are some ingredient ideas by category to get you started with your own creations. Always be sure to check the gluten-free status of all your ingredients.


Choose your sauce.

Your sauce options are unlimited, but if you need inspiration, choose from Alfredo, barbeque, pesto, ranch, teriyaki, or tomato.


Pick your cheese.

Although you're probably used to mozzarella on your pizza, just about any type of cheese tastes great. Choose from cheddar, colby, dairy-free cheese substitute, feta, goat cheese, monterey jack, parmesan, provolone, or romano.


Spice it up.

A lot of spices are at home on pizza. Take your pick (and combine desired) from among basil, black pepper, chives, cilantro, coriander, cumin, dill, garlic, jalapeño peppers, oregano, parsley, or rosemary.


Add some meat.

To many folks, pizza is not pizza without a hearty portion of meat. Choose from bacon, beef, chicken, chorizo sausage, ham, gluten-free meatballs, pepperoni, sausage, or turkey.


Go with seafood.

Seafood (besides anchovies) is an nontraditional choice for pizza, but it can work on your pizza. Choose among lobster, oysters, salmon, shrimp or prawns, and tuna.


Toss on the vegetables.

Skip the meat or pile the veggies on top. Choose among these traditional and nontraditional options: alfalfa sprouts, artichoke hearts, avocado, beans, broccoli, capers, carrots, cauliflower, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, olives, peas, peppers, snow peas, spinach, tomatoes (fresh or sun-dried), and zucchini or other squash.