Facebook is all about staying in touch with friends. Right after you log into Facebook, check out which of your friends has a birthday coming up, the requests you've received, and what your friends are up to.

Check Your . . . What It Is How to Do It
News Feed A continuous stream of updates about your friends’ activities on and off Facebook. Look at the Home page — News Feed flows down the wide center column with stories and posts from your friends.
Upcoming Birthdays and Events A list of upcoming events and friends’ birthdays occurring today. Check the box on the right side of the Home page. For birthdays, only the names of those friends who have listed their birthdays show up.
Inbox Messages from friends or other people on Facebook. Click Messages in the left sidebar of any page on Facebook. A number appearing next to it shows how many unread messages you have.
Friend Requests Friends asking to connect with you. Click the Friend Requests icon in the blue bar on top of any Facebook page to open the Friend Requests window. Click Confirm or Not Now to respond to pending requests.
Close Friends A view of News Feed that focuses just on posts from your closest friends. On the right side of your Home page, click the down arrow beneath the words News Feed. Click Close Friends from the menu of options that appears.