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Tips for Successful and Safe Canning

Part of the Canning & Preserving For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Keep safety in mind whether you're water-bath canning or pressure canning. By canning foods safely, you can prevent kitchen accidents and food spoilage. Increase your chances for successful canning and maximum safety by following these guidelines:

  • Used recipes made for modern-day canning (about 2000 or newer) and follow them exactly. Don’t increase or decrease your ingredients, processing time, or pressure level (for pressure canning).

  • Don’t double recipes. If you want more than one recipe, prepare the recipe more than once.

  • Use the proper ingredients: only unblemished and not overly ripe fruit or vegetables, and when a recipe calls for salt, use only canning or pickling salt.

  • Use jars and two-piece lids approved for canning, and never reuse lids.

  • Always label and date your finished product and use within one year of the date of processing.

  • Periodically check your jars for any signs of spoilage and, if in doubt about the quality or safety of a preserved product, dispose of it without tasting.

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Canning & Preserving For Dummies Cheat Sheet


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