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Tips for Icing Cookies

Part of the Cookies For Dummies Cheat Sheet

If you want to top off your cookies with a sweet, creamy icing and keep them looking as great as they taste just follow these handy tips to ensure that your frosting efforts are a success:

  • Be sure that cookies are completely cool before applying icing or it will melt.

  • Test the consistency of the icing. If it’s too thick, thin with a few drops of water.

  • Use a small offset or flexible-blade spatula or a rubber spatula to apply the icing. Push it from the center of the cookie to the edges.

  • Work quickly so that the icing doesn’t dry out and start to set before you’re finished.

  • Keep your spatula clean between applications of icing by dipping it in a cup of warm water. Dry the spatula before putting it back in the container of icing.

  • Use icing in a parchment paper pastry cone or plastic pastry bag to apply accent colors and designs such as dots, lines, squiggles, and borders. Cleanup is a breeze because these tools are disposable.

Make sure that the icing is completely dry before storing iced cookies. They’re best when stored for no more than 2 weeks at room temperature in a tightly sealed container between layers of wax paper. If they’re stored for a longer time, the icing can start to soften the cookies.

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