Tips for eBay Sellers

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Selling on the eBay site has its complexities, and eBay sellers compete in a vast online marketplace. Here are a few rules that will help make your sales a success:

  • Find out as much as you can about your item’s value, history, and condition.

  • Answer all questions posed by prospective buyers via e-mail within several hours. Don't let too much time pass, lest you appear uninterested in their queries.

  • Check out your eBay competition. If a ton of other listings are on the site for the same kind of item and the bidding is competitive, wait until the competition is fierce for a few select items.

  • Make sure your item isn’t prohibited or considered questionable by eBay. If you’re in doubt, read eBay’s guidelines and check your local laws.

  • Use pertinent keywords in your listing title. eBay gives you only 55 characters to draw eyes to your item; so select your words smartly.

  • Add a picture (maybe more than one) to spruce up your auction. Make sure that your title highlights the item’s keywords — but don’t gloss over its flaws in the description. Being direct, informative, and concise shows potential buyers that you’re honest and easy to work with.

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