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With the Shoot by Ambience option on your Canon Rebel T3 or T3i, you can affect the color, exposure, contrast, and sharpness of your pictures. This option is available in all the scene modes. Have fun playing with the Shoot by Ambience settings, which work as follows:

  • Standard: Consider this the “off” setting. When you select this option, the camera makes no adjustment to the characteristics normally produced by your selected scene mode.

  • Vivid: Increases contrast, color saturation, and sharpness.

  • Soft: Creates the appearance of slightly softer focus.

  • Warm: Warms (adds a reddish-orange color cast) and softens.

  • Intense: Boosts contrast and saturation (color intensity) even more than the Vivid setting.

  • Cool: Adds a cool (blue) color cast.

  • Brighter: Lightens the photo.

  • Darker: Darkens the photo.

  • Monochrome: Creates a black-and-white photo, with an optional color tint.

All adjustments are applied in addition to whatever adjustments occur by virtue of your selected scene mode. For example, Landscape mode already produces slightly sharper, more vivid colors than normal. If you add the Vivid Shoot by Ambience option, you amp things up another notch.

In addition, you can control the amount of the adjustment through a related setting, Effect. You can choose from three Effect levels: Low, Standard, and Strong. In the case of the Monochrome setting, the Effect setting enables you to switch from a black-and-white image to a monochrome image with a warm (orange) or cool (blue) tint.


Although the color effects are entertaining, you might get more use out of the Brighter and Darker settings, as they give you a way to overrule the camera’s exposure decisions, which can be less than optimal when you shoot a light subject against a dark background, or vice versa.

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