As your pregnancy proceeds and your belly gets bigger, certain sexual positions become less comfortable and possibly even dangerous. Pregnant women, obviously, have a lot of temporary weight in front that can cause problems if they lie on their backs. But that restriction shouldn’t prevent any couple from enjoying sex. If you know how to have sex safely during pregnancy, there is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy a healthy sex life throughout the nine months.

You can cut off some blood vessels if you lie on your back too long, especially if you have a man on top of you, so you should not use the missionary position when you reach your fourth month of pregnancy. Here are safer positions:

  • Mama riding high: In this position, which is a variation of the missionary position, the woman lies back on the bed and places one or both of her feet on a chair(s). This position gives the woman more freedom to move around and takes the man’s weight off her belly, which is why it is particularly of interest to pregnant women.

  • On your side: This position also keeps the pregnant woman from lying on her back, thus removing the danger. It may take a little more practice, though.

  • Female-superior: This position is very safe, as the weight is never on the woman’s back.

Some women feel self-conscious about their bellies and thus refrain from using the female-superior position because their bellies show so prominently. Wearing a light nightgown is one solution.

It can be dangerous to you and your fetus if you contract an STD during your pregnancy, so if you are at all unsure of whether a partner is disease free, always use condoms.