The Role of a Computer Forensics Investigator

Part of the Computer Forensics For Dummies Cheat Sheet

As part of the legal system, a computer forensics investigator helps build a case for or against a person or company accused of wrongdoing. Jobs that a computer forensics investigator might take on include those in the following list:

  • Examine the prosecution's or opposing counsel's e-evidence for alternative interpretations. The allegation that a defendant manipulated accounting software might not be supportable by the e-evidence that has been collected.

  • Assess the strength of the e-evidence against a suspect. Sometimes the client and the accused need to know what the prosecution knows in order to decide whether taking a plea deal is the right choice. Pleading guilty carries less jail time than being found guilty.

  • Scrutinize expert reports for inconsistencies, omissions, exaggerations, and other loopholes. Check these documents carefully to see whether you can find mistakes.

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Computer Forensics For Dummies Cheat Sheet