Steps to Help Maintain the Belly-Fat-Fighting Lifestyle
Belly Fat and Other Triggers of Inflammation
Ten Belly-Bloating Foods

The Principles of the Belly Fat Diet

Properly time your meals.

When you commit to the Belly Fat Diet, make sure to eat on a regular basis. If you wait too long in between meals or skip a meal or snack, you can sabotage your weight loss efforts. If you wait too long to eat, you may start to get too hungry.

And, of course, excessive hunger is what leads to strong food cravings — and usually for the wrong types of foods. Getting overly hungry also leads you to eating too quickly.

Excessive hunger can be avoided by eating on a regular basis. Not only do small, frequent meals and snacks control appetite, but they also help boost your metabolism (a great perk)!

Eating every few hours doesn’t have to entail elaborately prepared meals and snacks. It also doesn’t have to involve sitting down to long meals. A simple snack, such as grabbing a handful of almonds in between breakfast and lunch or munching a few raw vegetables in the afternoon, will suffice. The key is to simply prevent hunger from sneaking up on you.

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