What You Can Do with iPhoto in iLife ’11

iPhoto acts as your own processing lab and photo service inside iLife ’11 for your Mac to manage and edit the pictures you import from digital cameras, including video clips from digital cameras. You can [more…]

What You Can Do with iMovie in iLife ’11

Using iMovie in iLife, you can edit video clips and enhance them with Hollywood-style transitions and special effects. iMovie enables you to balance the audio with the video, add music from your iTunes [more…]

What You Can Do with iDVD in iLife '11

Besides offering professionally designed menu themes with spectacular special effects, iDVD in iLife allows you to grab your photos from iPhoto, your videos from iMovie, and your music from GarageBand [more…]

What You Can Do with iWeb in iLife '11

iWeb helps you organize your Web site to make it more attractive and easy to navigate. In iLife, iWeb provides professionally designed themes and templates for Web pages so that you don't have to be a [more…]

What You Can Do with GarageBand in iLife ’11

GarageBand '11 an get you started as a musician, if you’re not one already. This musical component of iLife offers extensive Learn to Play lessons that walk you through the basic techniques of playing [more…]

How to Install iLife ’11 Applications

All Mac computers come with the iLife applications preinstalled. But if something nasty happens to your hard drive and you need to reinstall them, or if you have older versions of the iLife applications [more…]

How to Update iLife Applications

If you enabled the Software Update option in your Mac OS X System Preferences, the system automatically informs you of updates to your Apple software for the Mac, including all iLife applications. All [more…]