Kindle 2 and Kindle DX Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of keys that you can press on your Kindle to perform various functions. Often, you can access these same functions using the five-way controller to select a series of [more…]

How to Download Content onto a Kindle 2

Downloading content to the Kindle 2 e-reader is easy, because the Kindle uses built-in Whispernet technology and AT&T's wireless network to access Download content — first, by choosing a new [more…]

How to Bookmark and Highlight Content on the Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle 2 makes it easy to bookmark and highlight content. In an effort to make reading books and other content on a Kindle as much like reading a regular book as possible, Amazon wants you to [more…]

Taking Notes and Cutting Clippings on Your Kindle

Not all e-books that you download will be read for pleasure. If you're studying text on your Kindle, it can be helpful to highlight specific phrases or insert your own notes. The Kindle 2 and Kindle DX [more…]

Find Free E-Books to Read on Your Kindle

A growing number of sources offer free e-books in a Kindle-friendly format. is far from the only place where you can find e-books for you Kindle, although it is the best-stocked e-book store [more…]

How to Subscribe to Magazines and Newspapers on Your Kindle 2

Reading a newspaper or magazine on a Kindle 2 is different from what you’re used to. It doesn’t take long to get used to not having to flip pages, though. You can navigate a periodical by moving from page [more…]

Let Your Kindle Read to You with Text-to-Speech

If you can’t read a book because you’re driving or for some other reason, both the second-generation Kindle and the Kindle DX have an "experimental" feature that converts any text to speech and reads it [more…]

Listening to MP3 Music Files on Your Kindle

Amazon's Kindle e-book reader is, above all else, a portable device; you can take it anywhere and read anything from your digital library. But not every place you go is conducive to reading. Trying to [more…]

Firing Up Kindle's Basic Web Browser

Think of Kindle's Basic Web as a slimmed-down, stripped-down version of full-featured Web browsers. Basic Web does the basics: it connects to Web sites, lets you click links, and displays images. However [more…]

Navigating the Kindle's Basic Web Browser

The Kindle 2 and Kindle DX come with an application called Basic Web. As the name implies, Basic Web is a type of Web browser, but not a full-featured Web browser, so it doesn’t do a lot of the sophisticated [more…]

Where to Get More Help with Your Kindle

It isn’t always easy to find the support you need for a computer or operating system. But the Kindle is another matter. If your Kindle is acting up (or if you just want to find out more about how it works [more…]