How to Create a User Account on Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Creating an account is the first step in setting up Mac Snow Leopard for multiple users. One great use of accounts is to create an account for your children so you can set parental controls. You can limit [more…]

How to Edit a Mac OS X Snow Leopard User Account

If you have administrator access, Mac OS X Snow Leopard lets you change an existing account from the Accounts pane in System Preferences. You can control a number of settings via user accounts, such as [more…]

How to Set Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s Parental Controls

Setting Mac OS X Snow Leopard’s parental controls helps you restrict certain content that you deem inappropriate for children, but the controls don’t stop there. You can set time limits and even have Mac [more…]

How to Make Mac OS X Snow Leopard Safer for Children

Snow Leopard offers parental controls designed to make your child’s computer experience safer, but it also offers the Simple Finder that gives you even more control over what various users on your system [more…]