Why Safe Sex Is Important

Often, safe sex messages are geared toward younger people — but sexually active people of all ages should be aware. Safe sex is about taking precautions: Sexual intercourse with someone of the opposite [more…]

Safe Sex Methods: Birth Control and Contraception

People often refer to safe sex methods simply as birth control or contraception. Many contraceptive methods do a great job of preventing pregnancy, but don't offer any protection against sexually transmitted [more…]

Birth Control: How a Tubal Ligation Works

Tubal sterilization (or tubal ligation, and often known as getting your tubes tied) is the most commonly used birth control method for women over the age of 34. After all, getting your tubes tied is a [more…]

Birth Control: How a Vasectomy Works

If a couple is looking for a permanent form of birth control, a vasectomy is a common consideration. A vasectomy is the male version of sterilization. After a minor surgical procedure, the man’s semen [more…]

Birth Control: How the Pill Works

The birth control pill, or "the Pill," is a very effective method of birth control — almost as effective as sterilization, in fact — assuming full compliance. Basically, the active ingredients in the Pill [more…]

Considering Depo-Provera as Birth Control

Depo-Provera, also known as “the Shot,” provides a very reliable version of birth control because it uses hormones to affect a woman’s sexual and reproductive organs. Depo-Provera is similar to the Pill [more…]

How "the Patch" Works as Birth Control

A reliable safe-sex practice is to use hormones as birth control. One of the many available methods is the Patch (or Ortho Evra). Ortho Evra delivers the same hormones as the Pill via an adhesive patch [more…]

Safe Sex: How the Condom Works as Birth Control

If you're at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD), then a condom is an absolute necessity for a healthy sex life. Condoms fall into the “barrier method” category of birth control: they [more…]

Natural Family Planning: Using the Sympto-Thermal Method

Natural family planning works best with the sympto-thermal method, which employs all the possible techniques of the natural birth control approach. The sympto-thermal method engages the calendar method [more…]

How to Have Safe Oral Sex

Many people have the erroneous notion that oral sex is completely safe because no one ever became pregnant through oral sex. But oral sex isn't entirely safe when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases [more…]

How to Have Safe Anal Sex

The anus has a lot of nerve endings, so anal sex can be pleasurable to both the man and the woman. That said, it also comes with a lot of risk. If you want a healthy sex life, you absolutely must know [more…]

Ten Tips for Safer Sex

There’s no such thing as safe sex. That said, you can have a full but healthy sex life if you remember to follow the safe sex guidelines that experts have developed. After all, one single night of great [more…]