Researching Companies before Job Interviews

Information is everything — and everywhere. Many job seekers have become nonchalant about researching a company before a job interview. An indifferent attitude toward pre-interview research may not devalue [more…]

Employer Questions to Research before a Job Interview

When you're preparing for a job interview by researching the company, there are several questions you should be able to answer after completing your research. Use the questions listed below as a checklist [more…]

Online Resources for Company Research before Job Interviews

As you begin to research companies before your job interviews, you'll want to know where you can find online resources that have the information you need. Several guides and other resources are available [more…]

Use a Video Camera to Improve Interview Skills

Improve your effectiveness in job interviews by using a video camera. By holding mock interviews in front of a video camera, you can see how you appear through an employer’s eyes. Ask a friend to feed [more…]

Rehearsing Your Presentation before a Job Interview

Allow plenty of time to rehearse your presentation before a job interview. Rehearsing builds confidence and helps your job interview go smoothly. Practice speaking the messages you plan to deliver during [more…]

Dressing to Fit the Job in an Interview

By dressing appropriately to fit the job in your interview, you signal potential employers that you respect their company’s culture. Your interview clothes should demonstrate that you care enough to expend [more…]

Tips to Avoid Stressing Out in Job Interviews

If you find that you're always stressed out during job interviews, there are some tips that you can follow to help manage your stress and get your jitters under control. [more…]

How to Beat Stage Fright in an Interview

Most people have some stage fright during a job interview. You feel nervous, queasy, and afraid of stammering during the interview. Beat that stage fight just as you would for a speech or theatrical performance [more…]

How to Deal with Disruptions during an Interview

If you're disrupted during a job interview, don't get thrown off-balance. After all, if disruptions fluster you during an interview, do you think the interviewer won't notice? Show how cool you are under [more…]

Addressing an Interviewer's Concerns During a Job Interview

The questions you ask during a job interview are a good way to bring concerns or objections to the table that the interviewer may not want to verbalize, such as child care or green card questions. [more…]