How to Make a Proper Bid in Bridge

Bridge bids have a legal ranking structure all their own. Remember that each new bid any player makes must outrank the previous one. During the bidding, players call out their bids to communicate information [more…]

Determining Who Plays a Hand after Bidding in Bridge

When you play bridge, if your partnership buys the final contract, the bidding determines who plays the hand (the declarer) and who kicks back and watches the action [more…]

How to Take Sure Tricks in Bridge

Depending on which cards you and your bridge partner hold in a hand, your side may have some definite winners, called sure tricks. Sure tricks are those that you can take at any time right from the get-go [more…]

How to Establish Tricks in Bridge

When you establish tricks in bridge, you make sure you have winning cards by playing or forcing out your opponents' higher cards. You have to be sure that you can take enough tricks to meet your contract [more…]

How to Draw Your Opponents’ Trumps in Bridge

To draw trumps from your opponents’ hands in a game of bridge, play your higher trumps early on in the hand. Drawing trumps allows you to take your winning tricks in peace, without fear of your opponents [more…]

How to Make Your Contract in Bridge

Bridge scoring revolves around the final contract (as determined by the bidding) and the number of tricks actually taken by the side buying the contract. If your final contract is 3, your goal is to win [more…]

How to Chart Your Bridge Points

If you don’t want to keep your bridge points tallied in your head, you can use this chart instead. Just look up your bridge tally on this chart instead of fooling with a bunch of math every time you need [more…]