How to Arrange Wedding Reception Entertainment

The most popular sources of wedding reception entertainment are disc jockeys and bands. Booking wedding reception entertainment should be one of the first things you do. You'll need to have a good sense [more…]

Wedding Attire: Black Tie, Formal, or Informal?

Different types of wedding ceremonies and receptions have different levels of formality; black tie, formal, semiformal and informal are the terms used to dictate the level of formality in guests’ attire [more…]

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer

When planning your wedding reception, it's crucial to ask the right questions of your reception site manager or caterer. Make sure you have all your concerns written down when you meet; you can never ask [more…]

Choosing a Meal Style for Your Wedding Reception

The menu for your wedding reception can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be, depending on your wedding budget and the style of your party. You might want to stick to simpler dishes for an informal [more…]

How to Make the Seating Chart for a Wedding Reception

Putting a lot of thought into the seating chart is a good way to make your guests feel special and comfortable. Organizing a seating chart is also an efficient way to avoid confusion and a multitude of [more…]

How to Choose Wedding Favors

Finding the right items for wedding favors — neither too cheap nor too grand — can be difficult. With wedding favors, the line between cute and kitsch can be mighty thin. If you either can’t or don’t decide [more…]

Deciding Whether to Have Alcohol at a Wedding Reception

Deciding on an open bar, a cash bar or no bar can be tricky. Having an open bar can be quite expensive — not to mention problematic — but asking people to pay for their booze isn’t the best etiquette, [more…]

How to Cut Back a Wedding Guest List

At some point in your wedding-planning process, you’ll undoubtedly have to cut back your guest list. You can almost count on disagreements, so you and your spouse-to-be should remain respectful and understanding [more…]

How to Organize Your Wedding Timeline

While certain details of a wedding schedule should be attended to sooner rather than later, almost every aspect of a wedding timeline can be accomplished in less than two months. In devising your customized [more…]

Making Arrangements for Children at a Wedding Reception

While a wedding can certainly be considered a wholesome family occasion, you may not want your wedding ceremony interrupted by screaming children or your reception disrupted by kids running around the [more…]

Wedding Expenses: What the Bride's Family Pays For

Traditionally, the bride's parents pay for most of the wedding — but modern couples often marry later in life and can afford to shoulder some or all of the wedding expense themselves. Finances can be one [more…]