How to Maintain a Good Environment for a Guitar

To keep the guitar playing and sounding as the builder intended, you must maintain an environment within a specific climate range. Guitars are always made under these specific temperature and humidity [more…]

What to Include in a Guitar Cleaning and Repair Kit

Generally speaking, guitars never wear out, although you do need to spend some time taking care of your instrument. Fortunately, to keep your guitar in excellent health all you need to do is clean it regularly [more…]

How to Clean Your Guitar

The simplest type of guitar maintenance is cleaning. You should clean your guitar regularly or, at the least, every time it gets dirty. Keeping your guitar clean involves removing dirt and grime from all [more…]

Guitar Repairs You Shouldn't Attempt Yourself

At some point, every instrument, including the guitar, requires some kind of repair. Although you can fix a wide variety of guitar problems yourself, some repairs [more…]

Knowing When to Change the Strings on Your Guitar

Many people consider their guitars to be delicate, fragile instruments: They seem reluctant to tune their strings, let alone change them. But knowing when to change the strings on your guitar is crucial [more…]

Removing Old Guitar Strings

Obviously, to put on a new guitar string, you have to remove the old one. This should be done whenever the strings start to show wear and tear or are difficult to tune. The quickest method is to simply [more…]

How to Attach a Nylon String to the Bridge of an Acoustic Guitar

Once you've removed a guitar's old strings, you’re ready to put on new ones. The methods for stringing a guitar diverge slightly, depending on the type of guitar you have and the type of strings you use [more…]

How to Attach Nylon Strings to the Tuning Post of an Acoustic Guitar

To string a guitar, any guitar, the first step is to secure one end of the string to the bridge. Once the strings are securely attached to the bridge, you can focus your attention on the headstock. On [more…]

Stretching Out and Tuning Up New Guitar Strings

Once you secure the new strings to your acoustic guitar, you need to get the new strings tuned up. As the string draws tight, hear the string come up to pitch. The easiest way to tune the new strings is [more…]