How to Use a Vertical Job Search Engine

All vertical job search engines — such as,, and — include specific instructions on how to use them. However, the basic steps for using VJSEs are similar. [more…]

Searching Online Job Boards

A job board is a Web site that posts general or specialized job listings. Employers pay job boards to post their open positions. Job seekers typically view these job postings for free. The number of job [more…]

Reviewing Newspaper Ads During Your Job Search

The trend for job ads is to appear online; but don't overlook the profusion of classified print ads in newspapers and in specialized publications during your job search. The Help Wanted section in newspapers [more…]

Search Company Web Sites for Job Listings

Consider searching company (also called corporate) Web sites for job listings, in addition to using vertical job search engines and job boards. Company Web sites are so numerous, of course, that you can’t [more…]

Researching Other Countries During a Job Search

Considering a job search in a foreign country? Develop a job search plan for each country of interest. The plan should include foundation research that you'll need for most interviews. Add to that base [more…]

Blogs, SEO, and Other Web 2.0 Job Search Tools

A resume sometimes isn't enough in this world of social networking and blogs. In the new Web 2.0 world of interactive Internet, Web 2.0 tools are available that can play a role in your job search. You [more…]

How to Use Online Employee Referral Services

Companies use online employee referral services mainly because good people tend to know other good people. Employers often rely on referral services as a way to spot great candidates. Therefore, job seekers [more…]

How to Boost Job Contacts with Online Social Networking

Job seekers and employers are now using business-oriented online social networking sites (such as LinkedIn), where people post career profiles and recruiters search for prospective employees. The only [more…]

How to Start a Blog to Develop Job Leads

A blog can be useful to job seekers when it garners attention that develops into job leads. Today's blogs have morphed into sleek Web sites that showcase content posted by one or several authors, and which [more…]

How Get New Job Postings with RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a wonderful way to get the first word when a new job is posted. RSS technology sends free live feeds to your computer or handheld device with the latest jobs from thousands of employers and [more…]

How to IM in a Job Search

Use instant messaging (IM) services as a job search tool to receive real-time or near real-time job postings. An IM service enables you to send resumes and messages to anyone on your [more…]

How to Use Podcasts as a Job Search Tool

As a job seeker, you can use a podcast the same way you can use a blog to spotlight your job achievements and experience. Having a podcast is cutting edge and differentiates you from the competition. Consider [more…]