How to Choose a Health Club

Choosing a health club for your exercise needs can be complicated. Some cities don’t have many health clubs to choose from, while others seem to have one on every corner. Whether it’s a hoity-toity spa [more…]

How to Tighten Your Buns with Squats

If you want great buns in a minimal amount of time, be sure to add squats to your workout routine. Squats tighten your buns and also work the thighs. Experts give this exercise a high rating. [more…]

How to Firm Up Your Legs with Standing Heel Curls

Standing Heel Curls is a classic exercise that does wonders for the backs of your legs, or hamstrings. By doing these heel curls, you'll develop strong hamstrings and quadriceps — an important result that [more…]

How to Do Standing Calf Exercises

If you've resolved to get fit for the new year, work the Standing Calf exercise into your routine to strengthen and shape your calves. Speed up the results of your standing calf routine with these terrific [more…]

How to Firm Up Your Inner Thighs

To firm up your inner thighs, add this Legs Apart Thigh Flexion move to your workout routine. Both men and women stand to benefit from this ballet move that works the inner thighs — as well as the quadriceps [more…]

How to Shape Your Outer Thighs with an Exercise Band

To shape your outer thighs, add the Standing Hip Abduction with Band maneuver to your workout routine. This exercise strengthens and tones the hip abductors — the outer thigh muscles that pull your leg [more…]