What Is a Master in PowerPoint 2007

In PowerPoint, a Master specifies the appearance of text (font, size, and color, for example), slide background color, animation effects, and any additional text or other objects that you want to appear [more…]

How to Modify the Slide Master in PowerPoint 2007

If you don’t like the layout of your PowerPoint slides, call up the PowerPoint Slide Master and do something about it, as shown in these steps: [more…]

Work with the Slide Master and Edit Master Tabs in PowerPoint 2007

When you are in PowerPoint’s Slide Master View, the Slide Master tab appears on the PowerPoint Ribbon, offering controls you can use to edit your PowerPoint slides. To switch to Slide Master View click [more…]

How to Apply Themes to Your Slide Masters in PowerPoint 2007

You can apply any theme you like to your PowerPoint Slide Master via the Edit Theme group in the Slide Master tab on the PowerPoint Ribbon. To change the theme for a PowerPoint Slide Master, follow these [more…]

How to Add Recurring Text to All the Slides in Your PowerPoint 2007 Presentation

When creating a PowerPoint presentation, it is often useful to include recurring text or objects in each PowerPoint slide. To add recurring text, follow this procedure: [more…]

How to Override the Master Text Style in PowerPoint 2007

The PowerPoint Slide Master specifies a text style but you can format your PowerPoint slide’s text while you’re working in Normal View. The formatting changes you make apply only to the selected text. [more…]

Change the Layout of Master Slides in PowerPoint 2007

Changing the layout of a PowerPoint master slide entails changing the position and size of text frames and content frames on your PowerPoint slides, as well as removing these frames. PowerPoint content [more…]

How to Restore Lost Placeholders in PowerPoint 2007 Slide Masters

If you play around with your PowerPoint Slide Masters, you may inadvertently delete a layout placeholder you need in your PowerPoint presentation. Suppose you deleted the footer placeholder from a Master [more…]

How to Add New Layouts to the PowerPoint 2007 Slide Master

If you don’t like the standard layouts that come with PowerPoint’s built-in Slide Master, you can add a layout and customize it for your PowerPoint presentation. To add your own layout, just follow these [more…]