Tips for Sticking to a Wedding Budget

Actual wedding costs depend mainly on size, scale, and location. Keeping this in mind while planning for a budget wedding is critical to keeping costs down. A formal wedding with 250 guests obviously costs [more…]

Deciding Whether to Hire a Wedding Planner

Most budget-minded couples don’t hire independent wedding planners, but you may decide that the expense of a wedding planner is worth the aggravation you’ll avoid. For example, if you and your spouse-to-be [more…]

Understanding How Dates and Times Affect Wedding Costs

Your wedding date and the time of your reception can affect wedding costs for everything from the catering to the photography bill by 30% or more. Vendors charge their highest prices when their services [more…]

Matching Your Wedding Guest List to Your Budget

Preparing a wedding guest list that matches your wedding budget can be a challenge. Choosing whether to set your guest list or your wedding budget first [more…]

Considering Budget Outdoor Wedding Options

The cost of renting some outdoor sites for a wedding can rival a fancy reception hall. But there are certainly budget options for outdoor weddings, too. Because rates, restrictions, and policies differ [more…]

How to Save Money with a Destination Wedding

To most people, having a destination wedding means going to Mexico or the Caribbean. These are certainly popular wedding destinations, and they can be cost-effective. But you can have a destination wedding [more…]

Finding a Wedding Dress on a Budget

If you're a bride-to-be searching for a wedding dress on a budget, you don’t have to deal with traditional bridal shops. You can purchase a formal gown or dress from a department store or clothing chain [more…]

How to Keep Wedding Floral Costs Down

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to cut your wedding flower costs if you're on a budget. You can save money by purchasing only locally grown flowers that are in season. You can buy flowers in bulk and make [more…]

Decorating Your Wedding Site on a Dime

The site you choose for your wedding ceremony affects the kinds of decorations you may need. Some venues may not need any wedding ceremony decorations. For instance, you may choose to have your ceremony [more…]

Giving Affordable Gifts to the Wedding Party

The members of your wedding party provide support throughout your wedding planning process, so you probably want to give them an affordable thank-you gift to show your appreciation for their friendship [more…]