What to Do the Day Your Bees Arrive

You may not know the exact day that your honey bees will arrive, but many suppliers at least let you know the approximate day they plan to ship your package bee colony. [more…]

How to Plan Your First Beehive Inspection

The weekend has rolled around, and the weather’s great (mild, sunny, and not much wind), so you’ve decided that you’re going to inspect your beehive. But you can’t just dash out and tear the top off the [more…]

What to Do the First Week after Setting Up Your Beehive

A new beekeeper must wait one full week before opening his brand-new beehive. The colony needs this first uninterrupted week for accepting its new queen. Any premature disturbance to the hive can result [more…]

What to Do in Your Beehive’s Second and Third Weeks

During the beekeeping inspections that you conduct two and three weeks after hiving your bee colony, you’re trying to determine how well the queen is performing. Following standard procedure, smoke, open [more…]

What to Do in Your Beehive’s Fourth through Eighth Weeks

Things really are buzzing now when a month has passed since you hived your bees. Or at least they should be. Perform your hive inspection as always, looking for evidence of the queen [more…]

How to Keep a Beehive in the Summer

The seasonal calendar of beekeeping events in Maine obviously looks different than one in southern California. But different climates mean different schedules and activities for the hive and beekeeper. [more…]

How to Keep a Beehive in the Fall

Most nectar and pollen sources become scarce as days become shorter and weather cools in autumn. All in all, as the season slows down, so do the activities within your beehive: The queen's egg laying is [more…]

How to Keep a Beehive in the Winter

What goes on in a beehive during winter? The queen is surrounded by thousand of her workers, kept warm in the midst of the winter cluster.

The winter cluster starts in the brood chamber when ambient temperatures [more…]

How to Keep a Beehive in the Spring

Spring is one of the busiest times of year for bees (and beekeepers). It’s the season when new colonies are started, and established colonies come back to life. [more…]

How to Determine Your Beekeeping Calendar

Clearly, a beekeeper’s calendar of activities will be different in Vermont than in Texas. And the corresponding dates and activities can vary depending upon actual weather conditions, elevation, and so [more…]