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The Essentials of Adding Effects and Articulation to Guitar

Top guitarists make their music come alive by incorporating a variety of effects in their music. If you want to make your music sound more like your favorite guitar heroes, you'll want to review the essentials of adding guitar effects and articulation.

Adding Effects to Your Electric Guitar Sound

How many times have you heard a professional guitarist’s tone and thought, Why can’t my playing sound like that? One reason that top guitarists are able to make their guitars come alive is by adding effects [more…]

Understanding the Different Kinds of Electric Guitar Effects

Top guitarists understand how to make their tone come alive by adding effects. It’s the reason why a professional guitarist's tone can sound different from an amateur's, even when they are playing the [more…]

How to Add Guitar Articulation with Bends

More than any other type of guitar articulation, the string bend is what makes your guitar talk (or sing or cry), giving the instrument almost voice-like expressive capabilities. Bending is nothing more [more…]

How to Add Guitar Articulation with Hammer-Ons

You can use hammer-ons to add articulation to your guitar playing. Articulation refers to how you play and connect notes. Articulation gives your music expression and enables you to make your guitar talk [more…]

Different Hammer-On Techniques to Add Variety to Your Guitar Articulation

You can use a number of different hammer-on techniques to add more variety to your guitar articulation. Each technique provides a slightly different feel to the way you play and connect your notes. Try [more…]

How to Add Guitar Articulation with Pull-Offs

A pull-off is a guitar articulation technique that enables you to connect notes more smoothly. It enables you to play two consecutive descending notes by picking only once with the right hand and, as the [more…]

Different Pull-Off Techniques to Add Variety to Guitar Articulation

A pull-off is a guitar articulation technique that enables you to connect notes more smoothly. In addition to the standard pull-off, there are a variety of different pull-off techniques that you can learn [more…]

How to Add Guitar Articulation with Slides

A slide is a guitar articulation technique in which you play a note and then move your left-hand finger along the string to a different fret. This technique enables you to connect two or more notes smoothly [more…]

How to Add Guitar Effects with Muting

To mute notes or chords on the guitar, you use your right or left hand to touch the strings and partially or completely deaden the sound. You can use muting both as an effect to create a thick, chunky [more…]

How to Add Guitar Articulation with Vibrato

Think of the term vibrato, and you may imagine a singer’s wavering voice or a violinist’s twitching hand. On the guitar, however, vibrato is a steady and usually slight fluctuation of pitch, most often [more…]

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